About LOINC Details Pages

LOINC Details pages provide information about a specific LOINC term, Part, or Answer List. They are commonly linked from search results within RELMA and search.loinc.org or when a specific LOINC code is mentioned in documentation, e.g. 11256-5. Detail pages use a sparse design to ensure fast access to individual term information.

Details pages are offered with three levels of detail: Simple, Comprehensive, and Custom. The default configuration can be set in the "Detail Display Options" page of the "Options" menu on search.loinc.org, and in RELMA, either by right-clicking in the RELMA search grid and choosing the preferred option or changing the selection in the bottom left corner of a term's details page that is already open. Part and Answer List pages all have a Comprehensive level of detail.

Simple includes only a basic level of information, e.g., the fully-specified name, basic properties/attributes, descriptions, and, if applicable, associated Answer Lists and copyright notices.

Comprehensive pages have the same information as the Simple variety as well as Long Common Name, Short Name, all available language variants, related names, and, if applicable, related codes. Additionally, if the term is included in a panel or equivalence group, the parent panel term(s) or group(s) are also listed.

Custom detail pages are only available and configurable via RELMA. The RELMA program also has options for building local details pages rather than accessing online versions. See the RELMA Manual for details.

To search the LOINC database, you may use search.loinc.org or the RELMA program for Windows. You can also download the complete database. All resources require a free LOINC username and password to access.