92688-1  Cryptosporidium parvum+​hominis DNA [Presence] in Stool by NAA with probe detectionCryptosporidium parvum+​hominis DNA [Presence] in Stool by NAA with probe detectionCryptosporidium parvum+​hominis DNA: PrThr: Pt: Stool: Ord: Probe.amp.tar  

  Fully Specified Name: 
Component   Property   Time   System   Scale   Method
Cryptosporidium parvum+hominis DNA  PrThr  Pt  Stool  Ord  Probe.amp.tar
  Long Common Name:  Cryptosporidium parvum+hominis DNA [Presence] in Stool by NAA with probe detection
  Short Name:  C parvum+hominis DNA Stl Ql NAA+probe
  Display Name:  C. parvum+hominis DNA NAA+probe Ql (Stl)

  Class/Type: MICRO/Lab
  First Released in Version: 2.66
  Last Updated in Version: 2.66
  Order vs. Obs.: Both
  Status: Active

Source: Quest Diagnostics Inc.
  SEQ#        Answer        Answer ID    
  1       Positive
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 10828004 Positive (qualifier value)    
  2       Negative
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 260385009 Negative (qualifier value)    
  3       Indeterminate
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 82334004 Indeterminate (qualifier value)    


Part Type    Part No.  Part Name   
Component   LP343846-4  Cryptosporidium parvum+hominis DNA 
Component   LP343850-6  Cryptosporidium parvum+hominis 
     Suffix   LP32416-7  DNA 
Property   LP217195-9  PrThr   [Presence or Threshold] 
Time   LP6960-1  Pt   [Point in time (spot)] 
System   LP7604-4  Stool 
Scale   LP7751-3  Ord 
Method   LP6464-4  Probe.amp.tar   [Nucleic acid amplification with probe detection] 
Fragments for synonyms   LP20006-0  Cryptosporidium 

  3 Self-Sustaining Sequence Replication Fecal Probe with ampification
  3SR SR Feces Probe with target amplification
  Amplif LAT QBR
  Amplification LCR QL
  Amplified Ligase chain reaction Qual
  Bowel movement Ligation-activated transcription Qualitative
  C parvum Microbiology Random
  C parvum+hominis NAA+probe Screen
  C parvum+hominis DNA NAAT SDA
  Crypt NASBA Stl
  Crypto Nucleic acid sequence based analysis Stool = Fecal
  Cryptosporidiosis Ordinal Strand Displacement Amplification
  Deoxyribonucleic acid PCR TMA
  DNA NUCLEIC ACID PROBE Point in time Transcription mediated amplification
  DNA probe Polymerase chain reaction  
  Faecal PR  
  Faeces Probe amp  

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  Long Common Name: Cryptosporidium parvum+hominis DNA [Presence] in Stool by NAA with probe detection
  Shortname: C parvum+hominis DNA Stl Ql NAA+probe
  Fully Specified Name: Cryptosporidium parvum+hominis DNA: PrThr: Pt: Stool: Ord: Probe.amp.tar
  Component Word Count: 4
  ID: 100230
  Status (Raw): ACTIVE

  Code System: http://snomed.info/sct
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